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In the online shop of Suppenhandel are products from the areas of ready-made soups, sauces, spices and ready meals. This is a selected range that is otherwise only available in specialist shops. Thanks to Suppenhandel, everyone can now enjoy these special products. Products from Flaroma, Tellofix, Wela, Vitam, Alfi-Thermos, Biova, Elmos, Jack F., Münchner Kindl Senf or Univer can be purchased in the Suppenhandel online shop.

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We have been the mail order business for soups, sauces and spices for over 10 years. In addition, we sell high-quality and naturally produced vegetable broths without any additives. Our large assortment of spices, which is otherwise only available to commercial customers, completes the range.

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The Suppenhandel Onlineshop was analyzed by us on its safety and privacy policy. We have found several clues that speak for his harmlessness and would shop there without concerns.

  • The website of Suppenhandel contains an SSL certificate. This means that an encrypted secure connection is used.
  • Suppenhandel has a trustmark from Trusted Shops.
  • Contains the legal obligations in the imprint with publisher data of the website
  • A note for cookies and the use of personal data takes place at the first visit.
  • The user can decide between the different cookies themselves, who wants to allow or reject.
  • A particularly clear data protection banner on which cookies can be rejected or accepted.
  • A mandatory privacy policy is present and data storage information is listed.
  • We have found more than one industry book entry from Suppenhandel.
  • There is at least one entry from Suppenhandel in a social media network.

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Shop Headquarters

Mangstl GmbH
Tiefenbacher Str. 7
83098 Brannenburg



+49 8034 1747

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